Victoria Day speed fest took off at Canadian Tire Motorsport park this past weekend. After a hot practice session, Chris Sahakian took pole position in the qualifying round, putting him right next to guest driver, Mario Guerin, in the Ferrari 458 challenge car. Entering her first race, Ashley Sahakian started mid-pack right behind experienced driver, Glen Chaplin.

It was a beautiful day for the first race and they were off. Chris had a strong start, door to door with the Ferrari, holding off the pack. Coming around to the back straight, fighting hard with Bob Attrell in his genesis, ending up behind him for corner 8. Ashley’s first start brought her up 1 position, going through corner 2 with another female, Nathalie Hénault in her Subaru wrx sti.

Chris fought hard chasing Bob and Mario, cutting down his times each lap. After a restart 3/4ths through, Chris managed to finish the race in 2nd position in Grand Sport and took first in points. After having car troubles mid-way through, Ashley finished her first race in the “top 10”, in 8th position in Grand Sport. Many were impressed with the skills Ashley demonstrated throughout her first race.

Sunday brought showers to Mosport for race 2. Qualifying round was in light rain and Chris would start in 2nd position, next to Bob Attrell. Unfortunately, Ashley’s car was not ready for the race and she had to sit it out. The CTCC evening race was off in the pouring rain. Going through a few corners, Chris’s inside windshield became quite foggy, making it almost impossible for him to see. Riding out the whole race with limited visibility, Chris took 4th position in Grand Sport.

The Sahakian brother-sister duo had a great start to the season. Chris standing in first place with 240 points and Ashley in 8th place with 95 points.

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